Teacher Appreciation Breakfast

Each year, Mayfield Electric & Water Systems helps sponsor Mayfield High Schools’ Teacher Appreciation Breakfast. This breakfast is designed to show appreciation for our local teachers, faculty and staff for the past school year, as well as give support for the upcoming semesters. As a sponsor, MEWS helps provide gifts, decorations and food for the breakfast. This year, MEWS also handed out eco-friendly, reusable drinking water bottles as a token of our appreciation for our local teachers, faculty and staff!


Round Up Program

Round Up Program


Mayfield Electric & Water Systems is offering a voluntary assistance program to help those facing economic hardships in our community. The Round-Up Program will round a participating customer’s bill to the next highest dollar and the change collected will be distributed to the Mayfield-Graves County Need Line and Food Pantry.

For example: if your bill was $98.48, you would pay $99.00 and the .52 cents would be donated to the MGC Need Line and Food Pantry.

Your small change could mean the world to someone in need!

To Sign Up:

Call our office: 270-247-4661
Email us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Relay for Life

relay-for-lifeRelay for Life


Every June, Mayfield Electric & Water Systems takes part in a family-oriented community gathering aimed at fighting cancer. Teams of people raise money for cancer research and camp overnight at the Graves County High School football stadium. These teams have at least one participant walking/running around the track at all times, in an attempt to stress that “Cancer Never Sleeps!”

This event takes time to CELEBRATE all cancer survivors, REMEMBER those who have lost their battles with cancer, and encourage people to FIGHT BACK by raising money for cancer research and bring about awareness.



Reality Zone

Reality Zone

As part of a Business Education Partnership, every year in March Mayfield Electric & Water Systems chooses to participate in Reality Zone. This program is demonstrated at both Mayfield and Graves County Middle Schools and is designed to provide students with a “reality check” at how much things cost in the real world. It is a game of Life for the young students.

Before the students enter the Reality Zone, they are assigned a gross income, marital status and children by their teachers. Armed with this information, the students begin their “real lives” having to purchase groceries, pay a mortgage, buy insurance and of course pay their utility bills with their assigned incomes.

The Reality Zone is staffed with local businesses who “sell” their products to the students. Mayfield Electric & Water Systems is proud to be a part of such a wonderful program that helps to strengthen and mold today’s youth.



Public Library Partnership

Public Library Partnership


Mayfield Electric & Water Systems recently donated portable energy meters to the Graves County Public Library (www.gcpl.org). These meters will add to the library’s collection of books, magazines, DVDs and other informational media that can help people conserve energy and lower utility costs and consumption.

The Kill A Watt monitor is a device that measures the electrical usage of small, plug-in appliances such as toasters, microwaves, computers, televisions, etc. This monitor can be used to help consumers become aware of their energy usage, track the cause of high energy usage, calculate costs and potential savings, compare different appliance models and eliminate the use of Phantom Power.

The Kill A Watt monitor can be used to measure the electrical consumption of 120-volt household appliances, but cannot measure large appliances that require a 220/240-volt outlet such as ovens or clothes dryers. Once the small appliance is plugged into the monitor, it will continuously measure the power used by the appliance until it is unplugged. To get a good average reading, leave the appliance plugged into the monitor for several hours or even overnight. For additional tests, reset the monitor and plug in another appliance. These monitors will be treated as regular library media and can be checked out for three weeks at a time. Individuals must be a member of the Graves County Library in order to check them out.