Before the Freeze

Weather! It's ever-changing and unpredictable. Even the weathermen joke, "If you don't like it, wait a minute."

Of course it's no joking matter when freezing weather catches us unprepared.  Many calls are received in the winter for problems such as frozen meters, broken fire lines, no water at the residence and flooded homes.

Talk about frustration - - not to mention expense! Fortunately, we've come up with some suggestions you can take to safeguard your home or business. But please hurry. Mayfield's next freeze could be just "a minute away."

  • Insulate pipes.  Don't wait until a pipe freezes and breaks. Save time and money by insulating, or checking insulation, right away.
  • Inspect your water meter.  Report a lid that is broken, cracked or has a loose fit. A frozen lid should be left alone.
  • Make sure utilities are in good working order.  Properly functioning gas, electric and water heaters can warm pipes which will keep water running freely.
  • Leave a faucet dripping.  Circulating water won't freeze in the meter or pipes.
  • Open cabinet doors below sinks located against an outside wall.  Pipes are less likely to freeze if they're exposed to warm air.
  • Winterize outdoor lines.  Drain water lines to outdoor faucets and disconnect garden hoses from faucets to avoid freeze-ups.
  • Locate the water shut-of valve.  Before a pipe breaks is the time to locate the shut-off valve and learn how to turn it off.
  • Educate your family.  Make sure all family members, including children, know who to call and how to locate the water shut-off valve in case of an emergency.
  • Prepare ahead for holiday travel.  Ask a friend to check your business or home while you're away. Leave this brochure or other contingency plans in case of problems.

Even the best preventative measures sometimes fail, so don't panic. Determine the problem and what you can do to reduce damage.  Remember, a freeze could be just "a minute away." Please take time to winterize your home or business today.


Don't Mix Water and Electricity

Water and Electricity Don't Mix

Broken water lines can cause unsafe situations. If a pipe bursts inside your home or business, be aware of standing water that can short-circuit an appliance, giving you an electrical shock.

A break in a large water main outside may cause unsafe conditions on walking or driving surfaces. Report breaks immediately to Mayfield Electric & Water Systems by calling our main office.