Meter Tampering

All meters, service connections, and other equipment furnished by Mayfield Electric & Water Systems shall be, and remain the property of MEWS.

It is unlawful for anyone other than MEWS personnel to make meter connections or any other form of alteration to standard utility services. If evidence indicates any form of alteration the customer being served at that location shall be subject to the following penalties in addition to all other penalties that may be provided by law:

  1. $100.00 Meter Tampering charge, per meter per offense
  2. $50.00 Meter Testing charge if the meter shows any evidence of tampering
  3. $25.00 Reconnect charge if the reconnect is meter set only
  4. $50.00 Reconnect charge if the reconnect has to be made at the pole or riser
  5. Charges for any damaged MEWS equipment

Any and all damage or alterations made to the meter base or MEWS equipment will result in the service being disconnected at the pole or riser.

All damage must be repaired to the satisfaction of MEWS and must pass an electrical inspection. The customer is responsible for all repairs of their equipment and for obtaining an inspection certificate. A copy of the inspection certificate must be turned in to MEWS before the service will be reconnected.

MEWS reserves the right to “spot” or locate the position of all new services and service upgrades.