SmartPay FAQs

SmartPay: Pre-Paid Utility Service “Putting the Power in YOUR Hands!”

What is Pre-Pay Metering?

Pre-Pay is a pay-as-you-go plan that offers you the opportunity to pay for utilities BEFORE you use them.  It is an alternative to regular monthly billing that will allow you, the customer, to determine how much and how often you would like to pay.

Is Pre-Pay the Right Choice For Me?

Would it be easier for you to make weekly or biweekly payments rather than one large payment each month? If so, pre-pay metering may be for you. Statistics show that Pre-Pay utility programs help lower electric consumption because customers will monitor their usage more closely and will become aware of usage patterns.  Therefore, any customer interested in monitoring and lowering their utility usage would potentially benefit from our pre-pay metering program.

Will I Receive a Bill?

NO. Pre-pay customers will NOT receive a monthly billing statement.  However, you will be able to choose a minimum balance at which you will receive low balance notification. You may be charged $5.00 if you receive more than 4 notices in one month.

How Can I Check My Balance?

You can log onto to get your up-to-the-minute account balance. You can log onto MEWS’ website, then click on the MyUsage tab under Quick Links. If you don’t have internet access, you can call 1-877-775-5872. You MUST have your phone number with area code to access your account. You will need to set up a username and password to view your account information online. REMEMBER: SmartPay is a SELF-MANAGED program. You are in control of your account balances.

How Much Money Should I Keep In My Account?

Your account balance is entirely up to you! The beauty of the SmartPay program is that it fits your budget. You can buy enough to last until payday or enough to last for months. HOWEVER, if your account is depleted to a zero balance, you are subject to disconnection at anytime and all regular fees will apply.

Low Balance Notifications

When you sign up to view your account online, you can elect to have courtesy low-balance notifications sent to you by a method that works best for your way of life. You can choose: email, automated calling services or text message. You will choose at what balance you would like a notice sent to you in order to ensure that you will have plenty of time to make a payment before the account balance is exhausted and you are disconnected. REMEMBER: Your account may be charged $5.00 if you receive more than 4 low-balance notifications in one month.

Energy Assistance Pledges

Energy-assistance pledges WILL NOT be applied to your account until the payment is received in FULL from the organization. Customer will be responsible for keeping a balance on the account until the pledged payment is received.

What If I Get Disconnected?

If you are disconnected for a negative balance, a $50.00 purchase of utilities and a $25.00 reconnect fee will be required. If a pre-paid customer is disconnected and service is not restored within five (5) days, the account will be considered inactive and MEWS  will mail a final bill to the last known mailing address on file. You will be responsible for any unpaid balances owed to MEWS.

Fees and Charges

ALL EXISTING FEES AND CHARGES APPLY. A monthly pre-pay fee of $3.00 is added to a participating account. If an applicant’s utility balance is exhausted, they are subject to immediate disconnection. If customer is disconnected, $50.00 worth of utilities will have to be purchased before service will be restored.  Any payments returned on account will be charged a $25.00 returned item fee. A $5.00 fee may be applied to any account that receives more than 4 notification calls in one month. Security deposits are not required for pre-pay customers.

What If I Want To Go Back To Traditional Billing Or Cancel My Account?

If you want to convert back to post-paid services, a deposit may be required based in whole or in part by a credit evaluation from a consumer credit reporting agency. If service is terminated at the request of the customer, any remaining credit will be mailed to the customer at the last known mailing address on file.