Home e-Valuation

Powerful money saving ideas·from·Mayfield Electric & Water Systems and·TVA.

TVA and Mayfield Electric and Water Systems offers several·energy right tools that can help you save on your electric bill.· Start·Saving Energy today.

The·energy right Home e-Valuation Program is free to all MEWS' residential customers. Click the link above or call MEWS' main office at 247-4661 for more information and start saving today.

If you are interested in saving energy and money at home but are not certain what you can do, Mayfield Electric & Water Systems will be happy to help.

Conserving electricity and water does not mean depriving yourself of comforts and conveniences.· It simply means to guard against waste, to be aware of the inefficient ways electricity and water can be used, and to do something about it.

Some conservation measures can involve money, but there are many ways to save electricity and water without spending any at all.

Take a tour through these pages and your house and see where energy and water might be being wasted and find suggestions on how to save.

You need not follow every suggestion listed to save, but it will take a combination of the suggestions to significantly lower the amount of energy and water you use.


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