Electric service is something we all take for granted.  Quality electric service, however, is not a matter of luck; it comes about only through careful, long-range planning, planning that stays ahead of the customers' demands; and modern equipment that keeps the electricity flowing to our homes and businesses.  But, most of all, quality electric service depends on people, people who know and take pride in their jobs.

Mayfield Electric & Water Systems is fortunate to have such people.  Our employees know their jobs and equally important they take their responsibilities to our customers seriously.

Mayfield Electric & Water Systems takes great interest in the city of Mayfield and we strive to provide quality electric service at the lowest possible cost.

Electric Department Facts

Total Electric Customers 5683
Residential Customers 4722
Average Residential Use 1,100 kWh
Commercial/Industrial Customers 913
Miles of Line 103
Customers per Mile 58

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