Nothing is more basic to the life and health of a community than the quality of its drinking water.  That’s why Mayfield Electric & Water Systems is committed to providing a safe, abundant supply of water to meet customers’ needs and the growing needs of our community.

The three basic steps to the story of water supply are source, treatment, and distribution.  The source of water for most people in North America is public water supplies; usually metropolitan water systems.  We turn on our tap, and the water is there; unfortunately, there are many areas of the world where water is not so easily come by.

The second step of water supply is treatment.  A multi-step treatment process ensures safe, high-quality drinking water is the end product.  Water treatment helps nature purify water and keeps pollution out of our water supplies.  After water is cleaned it is stored for later use; either in elevated tanks or open or covered reservoirs.

Lastly, water is distributed to you the customer through a network of underground pipes.  Included in the price you pay for water are charges for treatment and distribution.

Mayfield Electric & Water Systems takes great interest in the city of Mayfield and we strive to provide quality water service at the lowest possible cost.

Water Department Facts

Total Water Customers 4956
Average Daily Use 1.6 million gallons per day (MGD)
Maximum Pumping Capacity 2.88 MGD
Maximum Storage Capacity 1.75 MG
Wells 3
Elevated Storage Tanks 3
Water Pressure Range 60 to 70 PSI




Water Quality Report

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