Please Use Caution

Mayfield Electric & Water Systems and Graves County Water District have upgraded every water meter within their service areas to the new Automated Meter Infrastructure (AMI) metering system. The new Sensus water meters provide our customers with innovative equipment that allows for daily consumption monitoring through, early leak detection, more accurate meter reading, and minute-by-minute usage recording to help you track your water consumption and potentially save money.

The meters have a black, plastic antenna/transmitter that is attached through and setting on top of the water meter lid (pictured top-right). This piece of equipment transmits your consumption wirelessly to MEWS. We respectfully ask that you please use caution when mowing or working near your water meter as not to damage or destroy the antenna. If it becomes inoperable, your readings will temporarily stop transmitting to our office and an MEWS employee will have to replace the equipment. MEWS and GCWD strive to provide our customers with the best possible equipment and service at the most affordable price. The replacement of damaged equipment is very costly. In order to sustain low-level rates, we ask you to please mow around your water meter, not over it, and we encourage you to call MEWS if the antenna has been damaged at 270-247-4661.Thank you!