Consumers Water District furnishes water service to South and Southeastern Graves County, Kentucky.

Effective July 2013

Wastewater Rate Schedule

Monthly Flat Rate
Thomas Country Estates $35.09 per month
Highland Club Estates $38.81 per month
Holifield Heights $39.57 per month


Special Non-Recurring Charges
Residential Deposits $70.00
Commercial Deposits Based on the average bill of similiar customers and premises in the system. Deposit shall not exceed 2/12 of the customer's estimated annual bill.
3" Meter Deposits $1500.00
Connection Charge $25.00
Reconnection Charge $25.00
Returned Check Charge $25.00
Service Charge $25.00
After Hours Charge $100.00
Late Payment Notice Charge $2.00
Late Payment Charge 10%
Tampering Fee $50.00
Pressure Reducing Charge $300.00
Meter Relocation Fee Actual Cost
Damaged Meter Fee Actual Cost
Damaged Radio Read Device Actual Cost
Tap on Fee - 5/8" - 3/4" Meter $800.00
1" Meter $800.00

Effective January 2020

Wastewater Rate Schedule
  Inside City Limits Outside City Limits*  
First 2000 Gallons $11.45 $15.48 per month (minimum)
Additional Gallons $5.725 $7.74 per month per 1000 gals

 *Outside City Limits Wastewater Rate Schedule effective September 2019.

Connection Fees
Within City Limits   $1200.00  
Outside City Limits   $1200.00  
Fancy Farm   $252.50  


Monthly Flat Rate
South Highland Club Estates   $38.81 per month
Holifield   $39.57 per month
Thomas Country   $35.09 per month
MEWS posts information and notifications through Social Media during normal business hours (7am to 4:30pm), Twitter and Facebook are online tools that can help connect Mayfield Electric & Water Systems effectively communicate with our customers. These tools can be used to quickly share information with people interested in our utility. Social media allows our customers to stay connected with us and receive minute-by-minute information about what’s going on with our utilities during normal business hours. There will be updates on power outages, water main breaks, boil water advisories, and traffic alerts due to maintenance. All customers do not follow MEWS on social media therefore we utilize the One Call System, local radio stations, or possibly door to door notifications when feasible. MEWS also uses social media to share information on energy and water conservation, preparedness, tips on how to lower your bill and information on special services and programs we offer to our customers.