When you consider safety, reliability, and convenience, you can't ask for more than an electric water heater.

Because it's flameless, there's no heat, no flue, no combustion, and no odor.  Just a clean, safe water heater, that you can put almost anywhere, next to almost anything.  All of which makes it as convenient and easy to install as it is safe.

It's easy to have a new electric water heater with Mayfield Electric & Water Systems' Water Heater Program.  If you wish to replace an existing gas water heater or are building a new home; and you are a customer of MEWS, apply at our main office for help with a new electric water heater.  Contact our main office for more information.

Save $50 on

Electric water heaters for new residential construction.

Save $50 on

Electric water heaters to replace existing gas water heaters.

Ask for more information on how you can have a safe, reliable, convenient electric water heater.