There are many ways in which Mayfield Electric & Water Systems and TVA can help you use electricity more efficiently and cost-effectively. The way your business uses power may help determine the rate you pay for that power and lower your costs. Depending on your business circumstances and power use, you may be eligible for some of these rate options.

Firm Power

This option means you have electricity available 24 hours a day. Contracts may range from one to 10 years and are related to complexity of service.

Mayfield Electric & Water Systems' Firm Power rates can be found here.

Flat Price Interruptible Power

SIC-qualified customers who can curtail load quickly during periods of high demand may be eligible for the Flat Price Interruptible Power option.  The customer must have electric load above 1,000 kilowatts.

Read More about Flat Price Interruptible Power.

Small Manufacturing Credit

The Small Manufacturing Credit offers significant power cost savings to qualifying manufacturers.  This option helps small manufacturers remain viable by offering credits when demand for a month exceeds 1,000 kW.

Read More about the Small Manufacturing Credit.

Enhanced Growth Credit

The Enhanced Growth Credit Program provides substantial credits on power bills to qualifying companies that locate or expand in the Tennessee Valley. Eligibility is determined by SIC code, type of power used, and kilowatt usage.

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Security Deposit Program

The Tennessee Valley Security Deposit Program Businesses gives qualifying businesses an alternative to tying up valuable capital. Businesses with an average monthly billing of more than 50 kilowatts may have their security deposit waived or refunded.

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