During the winter months, power outages are more probable due to freezing temperatures, snow and ice. MEWS, wants to prepare our customers in the event of a short or long-term outage. In the event of a long-term outage, creating a home winter survival kit will help you and your family endure the cold grasp of winter.

When creating a survival kit, it is important to remember the essentials and to stock enough supplies for at least 72 hours. Below are some items to consider when creating your families kit.

Non-Perishable Food - Keeping a three-day supply of food that requires no cooking or refrigeration such as bread, crackers, cereal, canned foods, and dried fruits. Keep refrigerator and freezer doors closed as much as possible. An unopened refrigerator will keep food cold for approximately 4 hours. A full freezer will keep for approximately 48 hours, if the doors remain closed.

Water - In case your water pipes freeze or burst, keep a supply of tap or bottled water on hand. The recommended amount of water supply is five gallons per person. If possible, fill bathroom tub full of water.

Medicine - Make sure all-important medications are ordered or refilled that any family members may need.

Identification - Keep all forms of identification with you, such as driver licenses and social security cards. In addition, make sure to have bank information as well as insurance policies on hand.

Emergency Materials - Keep a supply of batteries, cash, flashlights, first aid supplies, fire extinguishers, and battery– powered radio on hand. Keep cell phone calls or text to a minimum to conserve battery life.

Portable Generator Safety - Never operate a generator inside your home, carbon monoxide is a deadly gas you cannot see or smell. Keep it outside for proper ventilation in an area that will not allow fumes to enter your home. Do not plug the generator into an electrical outlet. Plug appliances directly into the generator, and only use extension cords when necessary. The number of appliances a generator can safely power depends on its rated wattage. Check the manufacturer’s recommendations for proper use and load. Only a licensed electrician should attempt to hook up a generator to the main electric panel of your home or business. If it is connected improperly, power can “back feed” onto utility lines creating a potentially deadly situation for Lineman. For more information on proper installation or approved interlocking devices to prevent back-feed, please contact our office.

Power outages during the frigid winter months can endanger lives. Being prepared can help you and your family stay safe and comfortable. MEWS is always on call and will work diligently to restore power in the event of an outage. To report an outage please contact MEWS at 270-247-4661.