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Electric Plant Board

The Electric Plant Board-City of Mayfield, made up of progressive community leaders, directs the management of Mayfield Electric & Water Systems. Under their able guidance, the General Superintendent, with the assistance of skilled, loyal employees, carries out the day-to-day operations that continue to contribute to community growth and progress.

The Electric Plant Board consists of five members appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council. Four members are appointed with four year staggered terms; beginning June 18. The fifth member is a representative of the Council appointed for a one year term following the calendar year.

The Electric Plant Board meets the fourth Wednesday of each month at the main offices of Mayfield Electric & Water Systems.

Electric Plant Board Members

  • Chris Kendrick: Chairperson
  • Tim Choate: Vice-Chairperson
  • Jill Celaya: Secretary-Treasurer
  • Jana Adams: Council Representative
  • John Davis: Member
  • Glenn Denton: Attorney