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Disconnection Policy

For the purpose of this policy, the following definitions apply:
(a) Disconnection: A deliberate interruption or limitation of a customer’s utility service by the serving utility company.
(b) Delinquency: Failure by the customer to tender payment for a valid bill or charge by the scheduled due date.
(c) Notice: A written notice mailed to any customer with a delinquent balance. The notice states the delinquent amount, scheduled date of disconnection if balance is not paid, and a phone number for MEWS Customer Service where a customer can call to discuss the bill and get information on rights and remedies.
(d) Business Days: Monday through Friday, excluding legal holidays and any other time when MEWS offices are not open to the public.
(e) Dishonored Instrument: A check or other medium of payment tendered to MEWS of which is denied payment by the payor bank and which is subsequently returned unpaid or uncollected to MEWS.

  1. General Rule:
    Bills are due for disconnection (10) calendar days from due date on the bill. Mayfield Electric & Water Systems shall not disconnect service to a customer unless (a) payment of a valid bill or charge is delinquent as defined, and a notice of disconnection has be provided to the customer previous to disconnection; (b) the utility connection could cause harm to others, property or our utility professionals; (c) it has been discovered the utilities have been connected unlawfully or without MEWS’ knowledge.

  2. Time and Notice of Disconnection:
    Disconnection of electric service shall occur on or any day after the date specified on the disconnection notice. The original statement and mailed disconnection notice are the only means of notification the customer will receive before services are disconnected. A customer’s account will be charged $2.00 each time a disconnection notice is mailed.

  3. Restoration of Service:
    If service has been disconnected, interrupted or limited, MEWS shall restore service within twenty-four (24) hours upon the customer’s request when the cause for disconnection of service has been removed, or when a suitable agreement has been reached between the customer and MEWS. If a customer account is not restored within ten (10) business days, the customer account will be final-billed and removed from our billing system. In order to restore service after a final billing, the customer must reapply for service paying any, and all, balances, required deposits and fees.

  4. Postponement of Disconnection/Early Restoration for Medical Emergency:
    MEWS will allow for a postponement of disconnection or temporary service restoration for a medical emergency of not more than 10 business days past the scheduled disconnection date if the customer, or a member of the customer’s household, has a certified medical emergency. A medical emergency would exist if the customer/household member has a condition that will be aggravated by the lack of electric service. A medical emergency has to be certified by a physician or public health official by completing the “Request for Medical Waiver” form. Requests for additional postponement are granted only if the customer provides additional physician or public health official certification. Total postponement/restoration shall not exceed 20 days in a 12-month-period per household. Postponement for a Medical Emergency in no way relieves the customer of its payment obligation to MEWS. Payment arrangements will be made at the time of the extension. See Request for Medical Waiver Form.

  5. Postponement of Disconnection Due to Extreme Weather:
    MEWS uses the National Weather Service website to decide if the weather is too hot, cold, or dangerous to process disconnections. When a Hazardous Weather Advisory, an Extreme Heat Advisory, or an Extreme Freeze Warning is listed on for the city of Mayfield, MEWS will update our social media sites alerting customers of the suspended disconnections. MEWS will NOT extend disconnections beyond the hazardous weather conditions and when the weather breaks, disconnections will resume. Another social media post will inform customers of when disconnection processes will resume. Postponement of disconnection due to extreme weather in no way relieves the customer of their payment obligation to MEWS.

  6. Disconnect and Reconnect Charges:
    Traditional post-paid customers will be assessed a fee of twenty-five dollars ($25.00) to reconnect if services are disconnected due to delinquency or a dishonored instrument of payment. A SmartPay customer will be assessed a fee of ten dollars ($10.00) to reconnect if services are disconnected due to an exhausted account balance or dishonored instrument payment-the reduced fee is due to the reduced costs incurred by MEWS for the automated reconnect process. Additional charges shall be assessed if it is discovered services were connected due to unlawful tampering of the meter by the customer. The twenty-five ($25.00) reconnection fee shall apply when payment or a suitable agreement is reached between the hours of 7:00 AM and 2:00 PM. Any payments or arrangements made after this time are not guaranteed to be reconnected on the same day. If reconnection is made after 4:00 PM, on holidays or any other time the office is closed to the public, an overtime charge of no more than seventy-five dollars ($75.00) shall be paid to MEWS. Smartpay customers shall not be charged an after-hours charge for reconnection as their meters are automated and should reconnect automatically.

  7. Disconnection for Dishonored Instrument:
    The customer will be charge a fee of twenty-five ($25.00) by MEWS for every dishonored check submitted as payment on a customer account. MEWS will send a notice of the return of payment to the customer stating the disconnection date if not paid or a suitable arrangement made. If the customer is disconnected, all disconnection fees shall apply. Any customer using a dishonored instrument to reconnect services will not be notified in writing of the return and will be immediately disconnected until a guaranteed payment is received or a suitable arrangement is made.

  8. Bill Disputes
    If a customer wishes to dispute a bill, a hearing is available by scheduling such a hearing prior to termination by contacting Mayfield Electric & Water Systems at any time during regular business hours. A hearing with an account representative will be held, and relevant records will be available for review. If the dispute cannot be resolved, a hearing with the Customer Service Manager will be scheduled and a decision will be rendered after the CSM reviews relevant records. Service will not be terminated until an appropriate decision is reached under the procedures listed. The customer has right to a post termination conference at any time after termination.