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SmartPay Rules & Regulations

Requirements for Service

  • All prospective customers shall be required to come into the MEWS main office located at 408 East Broadway Street, Mayfield, KY 42066 to make a request for service.
  • All prospective customers shall be required to present valid proof of identification when requesting service be put in their name. Customers are required to present a social security card & valid driver’s license at minimum.
  • All prospective customers shall be required to sign MEWS standard “Application for Utilities Service” form.
  • All requests may not be processed until the following business day as MEWS is unable to guarantee same day service.
  • SMARTPAY customers that wish to switch their account from prepay to post-pay may be required to pay a deposit based in whole or in part on a credit evaluation from a consumer credit reporting agency.

Charges & Fees

  • All regular rate schedules and fees will apply. This information may be found at (Rates used by MYUSAGE may be slightly rounded, and any discrepancies will be corrected during the account reconciliation at the end of each month.)
  • No late fees will be accrued while participating in SMARTPAY service.
  • All MEWS customers post & prepay are required to pay the following monthly fees:
    • $24.96 per month – Customer Charge
  • SMARTPAY customers will be charged $0.82 per day to cover these charges. The monthly charges are not prorated and will be charged fully regardless of the amount of days the account is active within a single month. If an account is not active for an entire month these charges will be caught up when the account is reconciled.
  • A security deposit will not be required.
  • Utility charges are deducted once daily around 9:00 a.m. for the previous day’s usage.

Account Balance & Payment

  • SMARTPAY is a self managed program and customers will be required to direct any balance inquires to the following sources:
    • 1-877-775-5872 (customer will use the ten digit phone number given to MEWS to access balance information)
    • (MEWS provides a touch screen computer in the lobby to access account information)
  • No late fees will be accrued while participating in SMARTPAY service.
  • Balance information received by cashier’s receipt or online/over the phone payment system will be incorrect.
  • SMARTPAY customers will not receive a monthly statement or bill and are required to keep a monetary balance on their account.
  • SMARTPAY customers may utilize the following payment options:
    • Pay by Phone: 1-866-884-9807
    • Pay Online: (use the “Bill Pay” option)
    • Customers may choose to pay with a debit/credit card or checking account number – account number will also be required to make an over the phone or online payment.
    • Pay in the main office located at 408 East Broadway Street (ID required with credit/debit card payment)
    • Leave payment in drop box outside the main office facing the police station (Include customer information with payment)
    • Payments made through convenience pay (phone or internet) or with a credit/debit card will be charged $2.50 per transaction
  • Your account balance may not reflect payments made within the past 24 hours. It may take up to 24 hours for online and phone payments to post to your account.
  • If a returned payment is received on the account, the amount of the returned payment and a return fee will be charged to the account immediately. If this causes the credit on the account to become exhausted, service will be subject to disconnection.
  • Energy assistance pledges and/or payments WILL NOT be applied to an account until after the payment is received in FULL, with the exception of pledges received by fax from West Kentucky Allied Services. Customers will be responsible for keeping a positive balance on the account until the payment is received from ANY energy assistance program.
  • Since SMARTPAY customers do not receive disconnect notices, assistance programs will use the account balance page printed off of from the customer’s account. If the customer does not have internet access he or she may print information at the Graves County Public Library located at 601 N 17th Street, or by using the provided computer in the MEWS lobby.

Disconnection When Utilities Run Out

  • All accounts are subject to immediate disconnection at anytime the utility balance has run out.
  • Accounts up for disconnection will be required to pay the negative utility balance; purchase a minimum of $50.00 worth of utilities, and a $10 reconnection fee. Customers with a balance in debt recovery will also be required to make the debt recovery payment. Service restoration may take up to 24 hours if the service is disconnected for negative funds.
  • If an account is not restored within five days, the account will be considered inactive and MEWS will mail a final bill to the last known mailing address on file. The customer will be responsible for paying any unpaid balance to MEWS.

Debt Recovery

  • MEWS has the right to add any old debt or existing debt owed to MEWS to the customer’s active account at anytime. Any debt may be put into debt recovery with a recovery rate determined by MEWS. Every payment made once a debt is put into debt recovery will be divided by the percentage determined to go towards the debt, and the customer’s account balance. (ex. If the recovery rate is 25% and the customer pays $40, $10 would be applied to the owed debt and $30 would be applied to the customer’s balance.)


  • Customers may elect to be notified of low balances and a pending disconnection via phone call or text message. Customers may be alerted of low balances, pending disconnects and daily balances by email. MEWS will not be responsible for charges incurred by the customer’s phone provider for phone calls or text messages. If a customer receives more than four notification alerts during a one month period, a $5.00 fee may be charged to the account. These alerts are a courtesy and the customer is still responsible for keeping up with his or her utility balance. Accounts not receiving alerts will still be disconnected once the utilities have run out.
  • Immediately after an account is setup the customer should receive text activation if the customer has chosen to receive text alerts. If the customer replies with “STOP,” this will disable the text alert. The text message alert can only be reactivated by texting “ACTIVATE” to 77407 from the customer’s cellular phone. After the text message is sent the customer should receive a successful response from MYUSAGE. If the customer does not receive a successful response he or she will need to contact their cellular phone provider to resolve the issue.

Post to Prepay (SmartPay)

  • Existing MEWS customers may convert their account from post-pay to prepay. Any deposit (if applicable) will be applied to the owed balance once the account has been billed up to the current day. Any remaining negative balance may be paid or put into debt recovery at the discretion of MEWS. Customers will be required to start the account off with a positive utility balance of $100. Customers with a credit on their account over $100 will have the option to leave the funds on their SMARTPAY account or receive a refund check. Accounts lacking funds to start their SMARTPAY account balance off with a minimum $100 will be required to pay the difference before switching the account to prepay.


  • Any account older than 10 days will be reconciled at the end of each month. These reconciliations may not be seen by the customer until the beginning of the following month.
  • MYUSAGE is a third party vendor that communicates with MEWS’s billing and metering systems to create its usage statements, there may be variations due to rate structures and/or communications delays. As a result, any discrepancies between the MYUSAGE portal and MEWS’s billing systems will be corrected in reconciliations.

Closing An Account

  • All customers are required to request termination of an account at the MEWS main office or by filling out a service request online. Customers will be required to present a valid photo id; as well as, a valid mailing address when closing their account in the office. Customers may also request to close an account by faxing a signed notarized statement requesting to close the account; as well as, a copy of the customer’s photo id and social security card to MEWS at 270-247-0550. Any credit balance left on account will be returned to the customer in a refund check sent to the last known address. If a balance is owed the customer will be sent a final bill to the last known address.
These requirements may be revised, amended, supplemented, or otherwise changed without notice. Such changes, when effective, shall have the same force as the present requirements.