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Application For Service

Please enter date to establish service
Please select either regular monthly billing or prepaid billing.

Please enter the billing address

Please enter the street address where service is required:

Residential Deposits are based on a utility credit check. New- service applicants who pose no risk will be charged no deposit. New-service applicants who pose minimal risk will be charged a $200.00 electric deposit and 50.00 water deposit where applicable. New-service applicant who pose substantial credit risk will be charged a $300.00 electric deposit and a $100.00 water deposit where applicable.

All smartpay new and existing customers are required to buy $100 worth of utilities to start their Smartpay Account. All Customers will be required to pay a $20 connection fee in addition to the $100, for a total of $120.

The Applicant agrees to pay all cost of collection including attorney fees, collection fees and contingent fees to collection agencies of not less than 35%, such contingency fee to be added and collected by the collection agency immediately upon your default and our referral of your account to said collection agency.

Graves County Water District required deposits and fees:

Water Deposit $50.00
Connection Fee $25.00
Fancy Farm Sewer Deposit $70.00
Remote Sewer Treatment Deposit $40.00

A MEWS Customer Service Representative will contact you by phone for Social Security Number and deposit amount before service can be connected.