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COVID-19 Community Care Fund

The Tennessee Valley Authority announced during the COVID-19 World Pandemic, they were to partner with local power companies like Mayfield Electric & Water Systems by providing $2 million in matching funds to support local initiatives that address hardships created by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The COVID-19 Community Care Fund was created to amplify vital work being done by nonprofit organizations to support families and businesses affected by the pandemic conditions. Mayfield Electric & Water was able to assist seven non-profit organizations who will seek matching funds for existing or new community initiatives. The funds were to help sustain and improve the quality of life in the Valley. Mayfield Electric & Water Systems donated $10,000.00 and TVA matched the donation for a total of $20,000.00 to disperse to our local non-profit organizations.

Mayfield Electric & Water Systems and TVA were able to donate $5,000.00 to the City of Mayfield for the Fire, EMS, and Police Department. Assistant Fire Chief Darin French issued a statement on how the funds help during this crucial time. “The Mayfield Fire Department responded quickly to a looming COVID-19 pandemic. While our preparedness response to this pandemic was necessary, it was costly. Atypical spending on PPE and decontamination equipment has burdened our non profit organization’s budget. Now we find ourselves several weeks into this fight against COVID-19 and the financial crisis it has created. Our burn rate for PPE is increasing. We are experiencing abnormal amounts of overtime which worsens our financial state.Funding from this program helped our department immediately. We purchased isolation suits, N-95 mask, hand sanitizer, gloves, and face shields with the funding.

Funding from this program helps ensure the safety of our personnel. Additionally, our community benefits by our department not decreasing in response capabilities. Thank you for this opportunity.”
The Graves County Health Department was another non-profit organization awarded $2,500.00 from the COVID-19 Community Care Fund. MEWS choose the Health Department due to the substantial hardship they have endured during this pandemic. The Health Department issued a statement of appreciation and how these funds have helped their non-profit organization. “Thank you so much for this opportunity. We will use these funds to help cover the cost of PPE. Most of the PPE we have had in stock we have given away to other health care facilities. The price has really skyrocketed on many items. We have seen N95 masks priced at $5 each to face shields for $30. The PPE will be used to protect our workers in delivering much needed services as well as sharing with other facilities who care for many of our most fragile in our community,” Noel Coplen, Director.

Through the Covid-19 Community Care Fund, the Annie Gardner Foundation was able to receive $2,500.00. The Annie Gardner Foundation is a non-profit organization who’s mission is to benefit the Graves County area and general public through its work. A statement from Teresa Cantrell was submitted explaining how their organization would benefit from the COVID-19 Community Care Fund, “The Annie Gardner foundation is being inundated with even more assistance requests during this unprecedented time with people being off from work because of COVID19. We assist our clients with utility payments, rent and mortgage payments, and will use the funds to be able to assist clients that we normally are not able to assist.”

The Graves County Needline & Food Pantry was another non-profit organization to receive funds through the COVID-19 Community Care Fund. The Needline Director Jackie Herndon stated, “The Mayfield-Graves County Need Line and Food Pantry serves the residents of Graves County with qualifying income non-perishable food items. We also assist with utility bills, doctors’ visits, and prescriptions. We currently serve over 1,000 people per month. In addition, we distribute the Senior Commodities to 269 residents of Graves County each month.” Mayfield Electric & Water Systems felt this is a wonderful non-profit organization who helps those in our community in need.

Mayfield Electric & Water Systems chose the Graves County Sheriff Department as another non-profit organization that endured tough times during the COVID-19 pandemic and felt the need to help protect those who are protecting us. MEWS & TVA were able to donate $2,500.00 to the Graves County Sheriff Department. Jeremy Prince from the Sheriff’s Department issued a statement on how their Department will benefit from the funds. “Our main use for these funds would be for PPE including Tyvex suits, face shields, masks and gloves. All of our deputies have these items in their cars already. This grant would allow us to have extra items so no one had to worry about going without or running out. Gloves and masks are used on a daily basis by our deputies. Tyvex suits may need to be used more often very soon as we have had a large amount of COVID cases in Graves County. Any amount we can get will greatly help us issue more items to our deputies to protect them.”

The Lighthouse Women & Children’s Shelter non-profit organization was the recipient of $2,500.00 through the COVID-19 Community Care Fund. MEWS understands during this pandemic, the Lighthouse has seen a hardship in their funding. Marc Buford, a volunteer accountant stated “Lighthouse brings in women and children to give them a safe place to heal and be transformed. As you know during this pandemic it has been hard times on all of the community. We are not an organization that can just send our staff home. They must continue to work to provide services for our clients to keep them safe and healthy. Since schools are closed the children are stuck in our building. Many of the women who did work no longer can go to work. Since no one can come and go expenses soar. Many restaurants have been generous and providing some meals to our families, but just utilities, household items, and food cost are higher when everyone is stuck in the building. Our main donations come through our church communities. Their love and support is what keeps the Lighthouse open. Since churches have not been able to meet our donations have decreased greatly. Some businesses have stepped up to help, but cost are higher and donations are down. The grant will be used to continue the transformation force at work here at Lighthouse. The funds will pay our great staff, utilities, household items and food. Thank you for thinking about this wonderful cause.”

West Kentucky Allied Services Inc. received $2,500.00 from MEWS & TVA. West Kentucky Allied is an organization who assist low income families throughout the county for multiple needs. MEWS knew during this pandemic, families across the county will be relying on the assistance from West Kentucky Allied. Executive Director, Janna York issued a statement on how their organization will be using the funds through this program. “West Kentucky Allied Services, Inc. appreciates the opportunity to better serve the clients of Graves County during the COVID-19.We will gladly utilize the funds we receive to assist individuals and households with the cost of rent, mortgage, car payments, groceries, and sustaining medications.”

Mayfield Electric & Water Systems understands the hardship COVID-19 has caused for both residential and commercial customers. We want to ensure everyone, if you are in need of assistance, please utilize these non-profit organizations who are there for those in need. If you are unable to pay your utilities please contact our office at 270-247-4661 to make payment arrangements prior to the reinstatement of disconnects.