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Pole Inspections

In July, Mayfield Electric & Water Systems will begin a pole inspection project. Over the next two years, MEWS plans to inspect all wooden utility poles. This project is part of an ongoing effort to identify damaged utility poles caused by decay and weathering. With this project, MEWS will be able to routinely treat and maintain utility poles, which will help extend their life span, to allow MEWS to keep energy cost low and reinforcing grid safety and reliability.

MEWS has contracted Osmose Utility Service to inspect more than 4,400 utility poles throughout MEWS service area. Starting in July, Osmose will start in the Northern half of the MEWS service area beginning on Water Street and working towards the Highway 45/Purchase Parkway intersection, the northern boundary of the MEWS service area, inspecting 2,200 poles this year and the remaining 2,200 poles in 2020.

If you have any question or concerns, please contact our office at 270-247-4661. MEWS also ask to please use caution when driving or when in the areas of the pole inspection.