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Round Up Program 2019

Mayfield Electric & Water Systems understands hard economic times can impact our utility customers. That is why we offer an assistance program to help those in need within our community.

Every MEWS & Graves County Water District customer has a chance to enroll in our Round-Up Program. This program will round participants utility bill to the next highest dollar and the change collected will be distributed to the Mayfield-Graves County Need Line and Food Pantry. For example, if your bill was $78.45, you would pay $79.00 and the 55 cents collected goes to the MGC Need Line and Food Pantry. The average amount collected per customer is approximately $6.00 per year. This may not sound like a lot of money, but if only 1000 customers signed up, it could potentially fund around $6,000.00 per year in donations. The money collected goes right back unto our OWN community to have an immediate impact on our neighbors and friends. Last year our customers donations amounted to over $1,300.00 dollars. Let’s help MEWS grow our number of participants and increase the donations in 2019.

We ask that any customer who would like to participate in our Round-Up Program come by our office and get signed up today. Your small change can make a big difference!