Every year during the first week of October, Mayfield Electric & Water Systems, the American Public Power Association and 2000 other utilities across the nation celebrate Public Power Week. During this week, MEWS would like to show gratitude to our customers. As a public power utility, the safety of our employees, customers, reliability of our workforce and system are our main goals. Reliable utilities and excellent customer service is what our company strives to provide.

MEWS has participated in the Mayfield Winterfest Lighted Christmas Parade to benefit the local Lions Club. Each year, the office employees and servicemen pull together to build, decorate and light the float. The children of MEWS employees ride and hand out candy. Some employees walk along the float and hand out CFL bulbs. This community event is a lot of fun and is for such a great cause! We are also excited to say that the hard work we put into the float has been rewarded!

May 1st through the 5th was celebrated nationally as Drinking Water Week. During this week, MEWS worked to bring awareness to the vital role that water plays in our daily lives, while also showing appreciation to all our customers. Throughout National Drinking Water Week, MEWS hosted a community cook out and gave away rain gauges. Customers also had the opportunity to win water-related items such as Brita water pitchers, water hoses and sprinklers. Thank you to everyone who came out and celebrated with us!

Each year, Mayfield Electric & Water Systems helps sponsor Mayfield High Schools’ Teacher Appreciation Breakfast. This breakfast is designed to show appreciation for our local teachers, faculty and staff for the past school year, as well as give support for the upcoming semesters. As a sponsor, MEWS helps provide gifts, decorations and food for the breakfast. This year, MEWS also handed out eco-friendly, reusable drinking water bottles as a token of our appreciation for our local teachers, faculty and staff!

In April, Mayfield Electric & Water Systems’ employee, Meagan Arnold participated in Mayfield Middle School’s Health Fair. Many different businesses from our area were represented. Topics covered with the children included healthy eating, first aid, healthy life style choices and safety. MEWS took their opportunity to discuss the importance of Electrical Safety. A demonstration was presented to students on the personal protective equipment lineman must wear to stay safe on the job.

As part of a Business-Education Partnership, every year Mayfield Electric & Water Systems chooses to participate in Reality Zone. This program is demonstrated at both Mayfield and Graves County Middle Schools and is designed to provide students with a “reality check” at how much things cost in the real world. It is a game of Life for the young students.

Before the students enter the Reality Zone, they are assigned a gross income, marital status and children by their teachers. Armed with this information, the students begin their “real lives” having to purchase groceries, pay a mortgage, buy insurance and of course pay their utility bills with their assigned incomes.

The Reality Zone is staffed with local businesses who “sell” their products and services to the students. Mayfield Electric & Water Systems’ Sherrie Powell was proud to be a part of such a wonderful program that helps to strengthen and mold today’s youth.

Mayfield Electric & Water Systems’ proudly participated in “Fishing for Education”, an event held by Mayfield-Graves County’s Parks and Recreation. The event was held to praise Mayfield and Graves County Middle Schoolers for their hard work throughout the year and the completion of testing. Students were thrilled to get out and enjoy a beautiful day at the park. MEWS’ set up a tent to provide water for the students and assisted them with fishing. Jesse Perry, Graves County Judge Executive, stated, “Fishing for Education allowed a lot of the students the opportunity to fish or bait a hook for the first time and utilize our local park. It could not have been a success without the participation of our sponsors”. Thank you to all those that participated in hosting such a wonderful end of the year event for students.