Mayfield Electric & Water Systems offers a wide choice of dusk to dawn security lights for monthly rental by customers.

A minimum one year contract is required before installing a light. Installation is normally completed within three to five business days. A MEWS representative will be happy to answer any questions or visit your site.

Mayfield Electric & Water Systems looks forward to serving your security lighting needs.


Effective October 1, 2020

Outdoor Lighting Rate Schedule
Mercury Vapor      
175W   $9.02 per month
400W   $15.42 per month
High Pressure Sodium      
100W   $6.67 per month
250W   $11.55 per month
Metal Halide Flood      
1000W   $33.75 per month
 55W   $6.37 per month
140W   $9.67 per month
325W   $22.66 per month


The energy charges listed above shall be increased or decreased monthly in accordance with the current Adjustment Addendum published by TVA.

Only LED lighting is available for new installs. Mercury Vapor, High Pressure Sodium and Metal Halide Flood lights are no longer available.