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Free Online Usage Monitoring

Apr 8, 2018

Summer is coming, and the heat is on its way. Rising temperatures could mean the resurgence of rising electric bills. MEWS encourages our customers to take advantage of our free online usage monitoring tool, called MyUsage. MyUsage, allows post and prepaid customers to understand how their behavior affects daily usage and puts the power of knowledge at their fingertips. Creating a usage monitoring account will allow you to monitor monthly, weekly, daily and even hourly usage. By tracking electrical consumption, customers can also see how the weather can directly impact their consumption. The MyUsage portal displays an onscreen temperature chart to show you the consumption and the temperatures allowing you to see the correlation.

An online usage monitoring account with MyUsage is not just for electric customers, it is also a beneficial tool for water customers. Setting up a usage monitoring account will allow water customers to closely monitor their water consumption. Customers may select a high usage alert and receive a call, text, or e-mail notifying you of abnormally high consumption. This will assist customers in recognizing potential water leaks and provide the ability to know when your usage has returned to normal.

Statistics show that customers who have direct access to detailed information about their daily energy usage, show a reduction of energy consumption by 11%. Take advantage of these capabilities and invest time in a program that takes the guesswork out of your utility bill. Recognize when unusual or unexpected usage patterns occur. All you need to do is log on to and follow the prompts to get you signed up. Want to monitor your usage on the go, download the app from app store and start saving today!